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One of the most important aspects of the design of CAT‑MH® and K‑CAT® continues to be their flexibility. We offer a number of different delivery options for our tools which allow them to be scaled to any size population through a number of platforms. Our cloud-based system is hosted on the HIPAA-secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and can be accessed in a number of ways.

The browser-based control panel is available for organizations looking for the simplest way to administer the CAT‑MH® or K‑CAT®. Accessed through and optimized for any internet-capable device, our clinician-facing control panel provides an intuitive web-based portal for creating and administering assessments, managing patients, and viewing results.

Integration into REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture, a common web-based medical data collection tool) allows users to leverage existing infrastructure to create and administer assessments. This integration connects the two systems allowing enhanced functionality such as customized reminders, a progress tracker, scheduling functionality, and more. If your organization uses REDCap, Vanderbilt University has built and maintains an external module for quick and easy installation of the CAT‑MH­®.

API integration for the CAT‑MH® and K‑CAT® can be leveraged for customized solutions such as integration into Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and custom-tailored integration into existing organizational systems. The CAT‑MH® API is a set of web services that facilitate the communication between the CAT‑MH® web applications and any client application capable of sending requests via the HTTP protocol and processing JSON data.

The level of integration chosen by an organization depends on degree of available technical support, the timeline for your desired integration or project start date, and current clinical or research workflow. More information on the different integration solutions is available below.


Utilize the CAT‑MH® and K‑CAT® through our browser-based clinician-facing control panel.



Integrate the CAT‑MH® and K‑CAT® into common research tools such as REDCap, developed by Vanderbilt University.



Integrate with an EHR system of choice such as Epic or Cerner, or any system specific to your organization that can handle JSON objects, so that our tools are built seamlessly into your clinical workflows.


Browser-Based CAT‑MH® Control Panel

Many organizations use the CAT‑MH® Control Panel due to its ease of use, impressive functionality, and immediate availability. Clinical staff can quickly be trained on the use of our interface to ensure your organization’s clinical workflow doesn’t skip a beat.


CAT-MH® administrators are able to receive alerts that any assessment has been completed, alerts for assessments where an individual screened positive, or alerts that a suicide warning was triggered. These text or email notifications can be layered. For example, an email address may receive notifications for all assessments completed while a social worker receives text alerts for suicide warnings to allow for immediate follow-up. 


CAT-MH® administrators are able to use the Control Panel to create custom-tailored CAT‑MH® and K‑CAT® assessments, selecting desired parameters for language, timeframe, population, and test types for any number of subjects. For example, a clinician can create a Spanish depression and anxiety assessment with a timeframe of Past 30 days for one patient, and an English full-battery assessment with a timeframe of Past day for another.


CAT-MH® administrators are able to view and export results through the Control Panel. Results are categorized by module. In addition, item-level results can be easily viewed and exported.


Subjects can be easily managed through the Control Panel by CAT‑MH® administrators. Contact information can be added to a Subject ID to allow assessments to be administered remotely.

REDCap Integration

The REDCap CAT-MH® external module, developed by Vanderbilt University, allows administrators to schedule CAT‑MH® assessments for their patients or subjects. The assessment notifications are delivered via email and scheduled via an intuitive web interface. Schedules are tailored per participant on a rolling basis according to their enrollment date. This external module includes a results report for reviewing test results and a patient dashboard to review assessment status. An existing REDCap project is required to host the external module, and providers must have a REDCap account and be able to log in before viewing patient results. 


API Integration

The CAT-MH® API is a set of web services that facilitate the communication between the CAT‑MH® web applications and any client application capable of sending requests via the HTTP protocol and processing JSON data.

At the University of Chicago, the CAT‑MH® has been interfaced to the Epic electronic medical record system for routine use throughout the healthcare system. At the University of Massachusetts, the CAT‑MH® is being expanded to screen for, quantify, and monitor suicide risk through use of suicide risk indicators validated by the NIMH-funded Mental Health Research Network (MHRN). The CAT‑MH® is custom integrated as a first-stage diagnostic screener in a national survey of mental health and substance use disorders conducted by SAMHSA and implemented by RTI.

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