ATT’s rollout of the CAT-DI (Computerized Adaptive Test – Depresssion Inventory) was featured in JAMA Psychiatry.

ATT provides consulting services internationally for organizations looking to employ our proprietary adaptive testing methodologies. Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) and computerized adaptive diagnosis (CAD) can be applied to a wide variety of applied problems to produce rapid screening and measurement of multidimensional constructs based on self-reports and even mixtures of self-reports and biological or performance data. For example, in the world of sociological survey and marketing research we can extract the information from lengthy in-person interviews (e.g. focus groups) in a small fraction of the time and cost so that much larger and more representative samples of individuals (including entire populations) can be assessed either at a single point in time or over multiple occasions (e.g. quarterly) with minimal burden (dramatically reduced time of testing which can be administered anywhere through a remote interface). Whether your interests are in increasing precision of measurement and/or maximizing sensitivity and specificity of decision rules or maintaining already high levels of precision and accuracy at a fraction of the cost, our CAT/CAD tools can play an important role in your organization giving you a competitive market edge.

In an average of 36 seconds, patients can be screened for Major Depressive Disorder in English or Spanish anywhere in the world at levels of precision and accuracy never previously achieved.

ATT’s rollout of the CAT-DI (Computerized Adaptive Test – Depression Inventory) was featured in JAMA Psychiatry. In addition to the CAT for depression, CATs are available for anxiety, mania/hypomania, and suicide. Learn more about our tests and services.